24 January 2022

By 2022, there is expected to be a significant improvement in demand for road travel around the world. The highway bus segment contracted significantly during 2020 and much of 2021, and only the end of the previous year showed that a firm recovery must begin. Marcopolo, moved in that direction and in the middle of the previous year presented the new Generation 8, which has the challenging task of surpassing what the G7 left (which is still marketed in many markets), especially in the western hemisphere, where it is the bus bestseller.

In July 2021, the Paradiso 1050, 1200, 1350 and 1800DD arrived, becoming the first options of the new generation 8, which are now complemented by the Paradiso 1600LD, the road bus with the largest hold capacity on the market. The model, which can be produced with different brands of chassis in the 6×2 configuration and also 8×2 for some markets, maintains the characteristics of safety, comfort and space, combined with innovation and technology to offer a better experience to passengers and drivers, with a model of high operational efficiency on medium and long-distance highway routes.

“We develop all the Generation 8 models focused on excellence and maximum efficiency of the operation so that our clients obtain better commercial results”, highlights Ricardo Portolan, Director of Commercial Operations of the Internal Market and Marketing of Marcopolo.

The model incorporates all the technologies and design of the Marcopolo DNA introduced in the previous models of the Generation 8 launched in July 2021. The front grille and bumper with greater volume, robustness and the use of new external materials increase the durability of the assemblies. More than 140 innovations generate positive impacts for drivers, passengers and transporters, the elegant and modern style with a drag coefficient of only 0.379. Additionally, the optional full LED headlights, with efficiency up to 3.5 times higher than other buses on the market, and a structure that increases the passive safety of the driver.

The Paradiso G8 1600 LD also offers the Marcopolo Biosafe solutions package, designed to make public transport safer against viral and bacterial contamination, incorporating solutions focused on biosafety. Optional elements such as toilet disinfection and air conditioning using UV-C light, antimicrobial finishes, 1x1x1 layout and alcohol gel dispensers continue to be available.


One of the most important aspects in the development of the new project was the attention paid to safety and accessibility, both for drivers and passengers. The Low Drive version has a redesigned driver’s cabin with a lower instrument panel and left-side refrigerator and USB socket; larger visible area on the right side and glass partition wall, improving visibility and maneuverability for the driver. The cab door opening is larger for comfort and convenience, along with the completely revised upper instrument panel.

Also in the new Paradiso G8 1600 LD, every detail was designed to optimize the passenger experience, facilitating access to the passenger lounge, providing attributes of thermoacoustic comfort, seats that focus on ergonomics, in addition to the biolight concept, which adjusts interior lighting according to the time of day for visual comfort of the occupants.

A model that is in the final phase of homologation to be offered in all markets from the second quarter of 2022, with which Generation 8 is completed, with options for short, medium and long distance routes, in addition to an infinity of options to configure interiors.